jueves, 30 de agosto de 2007


Now I'm facing new modifications to get an extra from my Caddy.
I already purchased a V's strut bar at ebay and then I will modify the suspension by installing a Hotchkis TVS 80079-1.
In addition, I made myself a CAI following the instructions given at
The result is quite good and I even gained some MPGs as well. Thanks Robert !!!
Finally I installed a Magnaflow custom dual exhaust, replacing the factory single. It sounds great even though I didn't change the resonator yet because the distributor in Spain will not receive it until September.
However, the rides really pushes when you reached 3000 rpm.
This is the original look:

The single exhaust.

The original resonator makes a Y, 2 inputs to 1 output.

The modification provides a X, 2 outputs.

The complete line before final welding.

And this is the result.