martes, 27 de marzo de 2007


After painting, the new system looks like this. I started working with InCar Terminal, but I'm currently using CENTRAFUSE (at least until people at www.fluxmedia decided how much we will have to pay for their front end).

The "welcome" screen can be replaced using software like TuneUp Utilities.

The logos can be customized if you change the files "logo.jpg" and "splashlogo.jpg", located at the skins menus.

The GPS software is DESTINATOR, but I included its own menus and reduced the size with DESTINATOR ZOOMER because sometimes it becomes easier to handle through those menus instead of CF menus.

The media player can show pictures if you put them with the songs of an album and rename the photo as "folder.jpg".

The Matrix Mania Screensaver is classic for CTS fans. You can "buy" it out there ...

Have a look to the ICT Front End, with a customized Panel.

The whole project is posted at:



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Gerard dijo...

Sweet Mods! You've put a lot of work in there, and it shows. Great job!