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I’m the proud owner of a 2004 Cadillac CTS (V6 engine and 181 HP). It’s black raven and Comfort finished, what in Spain means base equipment (no sunroof, no leather, no navigation). As you are aware all the CTS versions between 2003 and 2007 are basically the same, until the release of the brand new model this year.


I started thinking about upgrading the audio system once I realized the original is very basic and it doesn’t offer an auxiliary input to connect an external source such an iPod or any other MP3 player. I know there are original CD changers and navigation systems but they don’t have that aux input either. In the USA you can add an external source through the Xm radio device but in Spain that system is not very common so Cadillac doesn’t offer it.

Once I made my mind about changing the audio system I searched for different options. The first one was to upgrade to the original navigation system, following the guide provided at:

You can buy the navigation system via internet but the wiring job looked too hard to me and the fact that I would loose some functions anyway finally made me give this idea up. I turned my eyes to Cadillac then just in case they could give me a solution but they stated that it’s not possible to install the navigation unit if the vehicle has not the pre-wiring from factory (??). Cadillac in Spain offers an Alpine solution at € 3,500.00 with an In-Dash touch screen and a DVD player but you must sacrifice the DIC information.

Too bad and too expensive, so I thought for a while about an aftermarket system to be installed inside the radio chassis. I don’t like in-Dash solutions so my option was a double din system like the one described at:


Reaching this point, with a lot of DIY no matter what I decided to do, I thought that a computer would do it better because I could play all the existing audio and video formats, use the GPS navigation, internet connection, Bluetooth, a hard disk to store thousands of files, etc ..

There are loads of information via internet about how to integrate a computer in your car, but 2 guys had already took to reality what I have in mind:

Lately I checked another project at:

Some other forums helped me to complete my Project:

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Jay dijo...

Hey, my name is Jay I love your project. Do you do this for other car models as-well ie: 2002 Mercedes-Benz C320 and/or 2005 Mustang?

If so please let me know

Thanks you!

nastymigui dijo...

Hi Jay,
I'm not a pro installer and this is actually my own ride. I'm sure you will find loads of information for those cars and others at that was very helpful to me. In addition, I live in Spain so it would be really hard to work over your cars overseas ;-)

lauren dijo...

Really impressive. I wanted to try it too. I have some mods to finish right now, everything is perfectly fine and easy but of course with all those manuals, complete tools and cadillac parts. I'm thinking if next will be audio system upgrade.

nastymigui dijo...

Hi Lauren,
I spent big money and time to do this and the factory system doesn't suck (it's only bad).
My wife is tired of me and the ride so I guess I will wait for a while before getting into OBD II interface and then to add the PlayStation and a couple of monitors ...

drazgon dijo...

Hola, pues en el post donde puse el link, en la sección de comentarios hay un anónimo que puso otro link. Prueba ese, sinó lo siento pero no se cual es porque yo me lo bajé hace tiempo.
Y como último recurso prueba en este foro:

Un saludo.

Andrew dijo...

I had a carputer and touchscreen lcd with windows, gps, wifi, cd-drive - THIS IS TERRIBLE. Slow boot, terrible navigation etc.. It's fun to do, but not fun and not convenient to use. Don't break your car.

vinay singh dijo...

The Cadillac CTS-V comes in one body style and trim. It is a powerful, rear-wheel-drive midsize luxury sedan. The V6 engine from the standard CTS has been swapped out for a 400-hp 6.0-liter V8, which is the same engine found under the Corvette's hood.
Cadillac cts navigation